Welcome to our school

Spring Term Curriculum


Favourite Christmas presents

Numbered penguins and snowflakes

Develop confidence to say hello at register time

Develop turn taking

Develop relationships with other children and staff

Count children and cups at snack time

Sort Winter clothes

Sing favourite songs and rhymes

Chinese New Year

Learn the story of Chinese New Year and the animals in the race

Grains and pasta in the toughspot

Chinese New Year day - taste noodles, Chinese dragon dance, wear red and gold to nursery

cut out and decorate money envelopes

numbered lanterns


The Gruffalo's Child

Listen to the story, retell the story, watch the DVD

rhyming word pairs

ice mountain

Gruffalo's cave

make finger puppets and masks

Gruffalo's Child song



Spring/New Life/Animal Babies

life cycle puzzles

Spring walk

Old Macdonald had a farm

painting daffodils

Our mums and carers

Whose baby? puzzle game

Mother's Day cards

Writing their name

paint peopl's faces with correct number of features


Listen to story

making cards, writing names in cards

cut out and decorate Easter eggs

look at school chickens

order Easter objects by sixe