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PE and sport provision


Every class delivers the National Curriculum requirements for PE.  In addition, we have sports clubs and specialist PE delivery by a qualified HLTA every Thursday.

During the summer term the children walk around the school during the dinnertime break. Year 2 do three laps of the school grounds which equates to one mile. Younger children do one or two laps. 

Also in the summer term year 2 pupils go swimming everyday for a week. Some of the funding for this comes from the sports grant.



* Gymnastic club

*  Dance club


 PE and Sports Grant 2016-17 £8,935

PE and Sports Grant 2015-16  £3,565 

     PE and Sports Grant, 2014-15 (April 2014 - August 2014) for our school:  £3,342

     PE and Sports Grant, 2013-14  (Sept 2013 - March 2014) for our school:  £5,228


How has this been spent/how will it be spent?




In the academic year 2013-14, we have Mrs Lloyd Kitchen (half a day, every week)  to look at improving the Sports and PE provision in school, specifically competitive sport.


PE/Sport provision:


Large proportion of the grant = SPORTSJAM will come in to teach Reception, Year 1 and Yerar 2 pupils every week, for specialist sports coaching.




1.  Link forged with local High School PE teacher (Mandy Black), to come in from November 2013 and teach 12 identified children some 'foundation' PE skills.


2.  Link forged with local High School PE teacher (Mandy Black), to come in from November 2013 and teach 6 identified children some 'higher level' PE skills. (including teaching them 'new' sports and games they have not come across before - ie - badminton).  This has since been extended to include children of all ability ranges, and a larger number of pupils as the weeks progress.


3.  Link forged with local High School PE teacher (Mandy Black), to take a group of 16 of our Year 2 pupils to a local Sports Festival with other local schools.  ( SUSTAINABILITY:  the festival was initially only for Years 3 and 4, but once our Year 2s attend, we hope that this festival will be extended to Year 2 pupils in other schools in the future).


4.   SUSTAINABILITY:  Mandy Black is coming into school in November to train our lunchtime staff in 'Jumping Jaxx' activities, so that they can lead them in future at lunch time.


5.   SUSTAINABILITY:  All classes to work COOL Time activities and PE activities from Lin Arthan,  a PE specialist with 34 years experience who is also a British Triathlete (from ideas presented to staff at a PD Day on the 25th October, 2013) into their current PE provision to enable each child to realise their own physical potential.


6.   SUSTAINABILITY:  All classes will find time to do this 'little and often' in the school week also. (ie.  In COOL Time, we will start with 5 minutes of activities every week, and add more as time goes on). 


7.  SUSTAINABILITY:  In 2014, Mandy Black is arranging gym training (CPD) for our staff, and we are buying more mats, to improve the gymnastics teaching in our school.

8.  SUSTAINABILITY:  In January 2014 9 new gym mats were delivered with a vertical storage trolly, the children have been trained in safe handling of the mats.

9. In February 2014 Mrs Lloyd-Kitchen took 6 Year 2 girls to a dance festival at Ludlow High School. This was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to learn a complicated routine to the music from "Hairspray" and work in a dance studio with 30 other children from local schools. 




1) Mrs Lloyd Kitchen has already engaged a local high school teacher to work with our Y1 and Y2 pupils.

2)  Our school now has involvement in local sports festivals with local Primary and Junior schools,  that previously had been only offered to Key Stage 2 pupils and older.

3)  SUSTAINABILITY:  Following specialist PE training, teachers feel more confident to deliver high quality PE and sport provision.


4)  SUSTAINABILITY:  Mandy Black has shown us how to use a large piece of gym equipment safely and this is now being used in lessons. (We had been unable to erect the equipment safely before Mrs Black, a PE specialist, had shown us how)

5) The profile of dancing as a group and performing to an audience has been raised. Mrs Loyd-Kitchen has seen the girls dancing together each time she is outside on the playground.