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"The new gates have made a big impact in making the school much safer."                                          "The school has made several improvements in safety measures over the last 12 months."                                    "I think these make it feel and look a lot safer for the children."                           "The new school gate/fence is a big improvement."

"Excellent school safety, a welcoming feel and tidy gardens.  The implementation of the new green gates at the front of the school are perfect!"

Safer Schools Questionnaire Results 2014

Thank you to everyone who replied to our 'Safer Schools' questionnaire in February 2014. 

We had 36 replies. 


On this page you will find the results for each YES/NO question, as well as some selected quotations from the 'further comments' sections (including suggested improvements)


These results (and in particular any suggested improvements) will be discussed at our next Safer Schools meeting on the 29th April 2014.



1)  Do you feel that our school is a safe site?                                      YES:   97%                 NO:   3% 


2)  Do you feel that the site is tidy and welcoming?                             YES:  100%                NO:   0% 


3)  Do you consider the current school and directional signage around the site to be good?   

                                                                                                             YES:   94%                 NO:   6% 


4)  Are you aware that as a parent visitor during the day, you should report to the school reception via the     main entrance?                                                                                      

                                                                                                             YES:   97%                 NO:   3%


5)  Do you feel that visitor badges are well deployed during the school day?   

                                                                                                             YES:   94%                 NO:   6%  


6)  Are you currently aware of people (who shouldn't be on the site) using our school site out of hours?                                                                                            

                                                                                                             YES:    3%                 NO:   97% 


Below are your suggestions for improvements

(with actions taken/to be taken in brackets):


"Congregation by Nursery when picking up the children."  (Mrs Davies has reminded all parents about staying in the agreed areas, to minimise this issue, with a prominent poster outisde Nursery)                                      "...more signs around the back of Red and other classes, so grandparents or carers are aware of where to go."   (This will be discussed at our next Safer Schools meeting)                                   "Would prefer (signage) near the school gate."  (We are unable to place signage here, as it would impact on the space available for the designated 'footpath' in the car park, which is already pushed for space.)                                "Flashing lights (that alert drivers there is a school nearby)...need to be switched on (for discos etc) to warn drivers to slow."     (These come on automatically in the AM and PM and are controlled by the council.  Sadly, we cannot control this for 'extra' evening events.)                      

                                                           "Bikes and scooters...some children seem unaware of the guidelines."   (We regularly put reminders in the weekly newsletter, and I have done so again in February.  Staff will be monitoring this very closely after half term, and we will use the CCTV if we have to.)                                                               "Community Support Officers to deter poor parking."   (We periodically have this support already, but I will mention this to our PCSo at the next Safer Schools meeting)                                 "Speed humps...outside school to slow down speeding drivers."  (Following a previous Safer Schools meeting, the LA surveyed the issue, but we will also discuss this at our next meeting, and we are very lucky to be one of only a very few schools in Shropshire to have a crossing patrol to help slow traffic too.)