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Standards and Curriculum Committee



Standard and Curriculum Impact Statement


We have three major committees, namely Premises Health and Safety, Standards and Curriculum and Finance. Each governor is a member of two of these committees and we all meet at the Full Board this is when all information and topics are shared and discussed.  The Headteacher is on all of these committees.


In the following paragraphs we aim to give you an idea of some of our work so that you can see how the governors carry out their job of supporting the school by working closely with staff and children. You can also see how the governors fulfil their responsibility to provide constructive challenge as well as support.


The Standards and Curriculum Committee focuses on outcomes and learning, both in and out of the classroom. The school runs many exciting after school clubs, visits and trips so that our children have a wide and rich curriculum experience.




  • Phonics – in response to 2014 results whole staff training from LA, head’s research and experiment with methodology for internal CPD and close tracking supported by purchase of Reading books to support phonic development –


Impact - improved results in Year 1phonic screening from 37% in 2014 to 87% achieving the expected standard in 2015


  • Pupil premium – money spent on Wave 3 literacy intervention, ELKLAN speech and language intervention, targeted intervention and Family Support through Breakfast Club –


Impact - improved home school relationships for PPG pupils improved attendance for this group of as this was an issue in 2014. Progress of PPG has improved throughout the school


  • Writing – Moderation, Pie Corbett CPD for staff


Impact - improved writing progress for Y1 although Y2 aps was down due to lack of level 3s. Governor understanding of inspiration and imagination combined with increased demands on young children for correct use of Grammar and Spelling


  • Tracking as reported by head


Impact - scrutiny on progress of groups and individuals throughout the year, combining support and challenge. Governors know the ability ranges of each cohort of children and can support staff accordingly.




  • Followed the progress of SEND and its local offer



Impact - ensuring the offer keeps pace with legal requirements and understanding the ways in which schools can work together to achieve common goals


  • Universal Free School Meals


Impact - governors witnessed the success of this initiative at this school, excellent meals were cooked on site and served by the dinner staff, the headteacher, TAs and admin staff who all ensured the success of this initiative with an eventual take-up of 99%. Staff report that pupils are calm in the afternoon and work well compared to previously when some children would have less concentration. There are also fewer overweight pupils in the school.


  • Review of Behaviour policy


Impact - governors were able to support the headteacher throughout the year and were directly involved in the introduction of Class Dojos. Behaviour of the majority of pupils improved over the year


  • New curriculum


Impact - governors could support staff in the development of the new curriculum and were aware of the increased academic demands


  • Website review and monitoring of the progress of the developing website


Impact -  the committee, many of whom are parents commented on the advantages of the website. The compliance audit in June showed areas to improve which were acted upon in the new website.


  • Monitored the introduction of iPads


Impact - iPads are being used confidently throughout the school by staff and pupils


  • To ensure that the Sports grant is being used effectively


Impact – by employing Sports Jam the pupils have a positive male role model for sporting activities and clubs. Y2 pupils went swimming every day for a week at the end of the summer term. At the start of the week 26 pupils were terrified of the water, however by the end of the week only 3 pupils were unable to lift their feet or put their face in the water.