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Charging and Remissions

We use visits out of school as a starting point for much of our work or to reinforce prior learning. They are a really valuable opportunity to give children experiences they may otherwise not have.

Charging and remissions

No charge will be made for these outings but parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the outing. The PTA will donate £150 towards each school visit and the Governors have agreed that any shortfall be paid from the school budget as these visits form the basis for the work in the classrooms. The Governors have also agreed that a school journey insurance will be taken out for all activities outside the school premises. This is not however, personal accident insurance.

A donation of £1 per session is asked for clubs. This is to cover costs of staffing in those clubs which are not run by teaching staff. Cookery club is £3.50 to cover the costs of ingredients and staffing. Children in cookery club take their work home.

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