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2016/17 impact

Intervention programmes enabled PPG pupils to achieve well although they are still slightly behind non PPG pupils.

Pupils in Reception and Year 1 who receive PPG are targeted for specific support depending on need.

The PPG is therefore being used well as there is evidence of accelerated progress and improved attainment in some areas. This now needs to be extended to all areas.

Pupil Premium Grant
















Rec PPG Good level                                  Rec Non PPG Good level

EYFSP 13%   24.8 APS                                 87%  31.8 APS



Y1 PPG expected level                              Y1 Non PPG expected level

Reading      50%                                               73%

Writing       29%                                               63%

Maths         29%                                               67%



Y2 PPG expected level                              Y2 Non PPG expected level

Reading      14%                                                32%

Writing       0%                                                  18%

Maths         29%                                                43%



Barriers to learning for PPG pupils include:


  • Speech and language difficulties
  • Low aspirations of families
  • Lack of engagement of families in their child’s education
  • Pupils not accessing our school nursery. There is a substantial difference between the attainment at the end of EYFS for those who have attended our nursery and those who have not. By the end of KS1 the gap has been closed due to the impact of the interventions.



  • Wave 3 literacy for year 1 pupils who are slightly below expectations.
  • ELKLAN speech and language development
  • Maths individual support
  • Cool kids – ready to learn programme for pupils with motor skills difficulties.
  • Literacy individual support.
  • Breakfast club