Welcome to our school


Teaching Staff:


Head Teacher


Mrs. Val Matthew Assessment, British Values, Music, designated lead teacher for Child Protection issues

Deputy Head

Mrs. Nerys Meyer EYFS, ICT,  CPD designated lead teacher for Child Protection issues
  Mrs. Rachael Martin   English
  Mrs Jo Davies Maths and History
Mrs. Hen Lloyd-Kitchen Art D&T and PSHE Designated lead teacher for Child Protection issues
  Mrs. Debbie Jones Geography and outside environment
  Miss Jessica Potter Science
  Miss Angeline Greaney Nursery manager

Ms. Sue Fairbrace




SENCO,  designated lead teacher for Child Protection issues




Support Staff:


Office Manager Mrs. A. Lloyd
Assistant Administrator  Mrs. J. Elder
Teaching Assistants Mrs. A. Weston,
  Mrs. W. Davies, Mrs. W. Booker, Mrs. S. Granger,
  Mrs. W Shen,



 Mrs. A. Gill,  
Learning Support Assistants Mrs Vickie Minton Ms H Baillie, Mrs N Sampson Mrs E. Wright,  Mr J Granger
Special Support Assistants Mrs. J. Morgan, Mrs S Badham
Nursery Key Persons Ms. A. Greaney  Mrs L. Duppa, Mrs S. Shinton, Miss K. Symonds, Mrs K Williams
  Mrs J. Farmer
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mr. P .Elliot
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs. B. Spear, Mrs S Jones, Mr J Granger, Mrs J Blount
  Mrs. J. Lucas, Ms. S. Partridge, Mrs V Minton
  Mrs. E. Wright, Mrs T.Sheldon Mrs L Gould

Cleaning Staff:


Cleaner in Charge Miss S. Barker
Cleaning Assistants Mrs. B. Spear, Mrs T.Sheldon, Mrs L Gould


Kitchen Staff:


School Cook Mrs. K. Genner
Kitchen Assistants Mrs. L. Mold, Mrs. C. Saunders, Mrs J. Richards