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Look What We've Been Doing!







Fun at Sports Day!

We had a great time at Seaside Day.

Making amounts with money in maths.

We had to wrap up warm for our visit to Rays Farm as it was extremely cold but we told lots of stories and enjoyed seeing the different animals.

For our work about International Food Week we chose to find out more about South Africa. Abigail's dad is from South Africa and came in with South African food for us to try. We liked tasting the different foods.

"It is delicious" " It is a bit spicy but I do like it" "Mmmmm....it's tastes nice"

We have loved our arts days this week. We were thinking about 'Saving our Planet'. We have done many different activities.

We put delicious toppings on our pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Then we wrote about what we had done. 

We really really loved the Chinese Lion Dance workshop.

We really enjoyed watching the production of Robin Hood. It has helped us with our Big Writing.

We made Christmas hats using newspaper for our Christmas lunch and party. Santa Claus came to visit us in the afternoon at our party. We all received a present from him.

We made apple chutney and green tomato chutney to sell at the school's Farmer's Market.

We learnt how to play a tens frame game to help us use the tens frames carefully.

Enjoying cool time.