Welcome to our school

Our Class Information

The bell sounds at 845, and we encourage parents/carers to come into class with their child from 845-855.  We will have arranged different 'morning jobs' for you to do with your child if you wish, though please feel free to choose a different activity if you wish.  This is also a perfect time to ask me anything you may need to, or let me know about changes to who is picking your child up (etc) if needed.  I am always free to chat at this time.  Below are examples of what we (usually) do on each day:


Monday:  We usually write our weekend news with the child's adult.

Tuesday:  We usually hand out literacy books and ask you to read this and help explain my feedback/marking to your child. We hand out post-it notes too, and welcome you to write your own feedback. This is displayed in class, and children and visitors often comment on these.

Wednesday:  Similar to Tuesday's, except we put out Maths books and ask for comments/discussion on this work instead.

Thursday:  As the children are all changing into PE kits at 845 this day, we ask that NO ADULTS come into class on this morning.  (If you need to see/speak to me, I can come out to see you in the cloakroom or outside).  Thank you for your help in this.

Friday:  We play maths or phonics games.


PE kit/uniform:

In Purple Class, we have PE on Thursdays, but please could you help your child have their PE kit in school all of the time.  That way, if we have special workshops or need to change the PE day on a certain week, they will still be able to participate.  As there are so many (nearly) identical tops, shorts and pumps, please could you label them with your child's name.  Thanks!  We have permanent marker pens if you want to borrow one, just ask.  The same goes for all uniform please - it will save you and me hours of searching through dozens of identical jumpers!


Reading Diaries/Book Bags:

Please can you check your child's book bag EVERY NIGHT and hear them read/fill in their diaries.  The difference this makes in their reading progress in massive!  Please remember that if they need new reading books for home, we have hundreds in the lane, and you can swap these before or after school.  Also, we put any letters/notes in their bags, so please check if there is anything you need to read and/or complete/return to school.