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Welcome to Red Class!

Morning routines

If possible please do try to arrive by the 8.45 bell so that you can help your child with their morning routines. There are a number of 'jobs' that your child will need your help with at first. However, with your support and encouragement they will soon know what to do and will quickly become quite independent. Please encourage your child to hang up their own coats and put their name labels on the dinner chart and on their water bottles. There will be baskets on the table for children's reading diaries and 'Bear Words' and blue bags can be kept in your child's drawer. This is also a good time for you to choose a new reading book with your child from the boxes along the 'Lane', (please ask if you are unsure). In the classroom there will usually be activities set up for you and your child to work together on, such as practising name writing, sharing stories, playing number games or copying letter patterns. These little activities give your child an extra opportunity to practise many skills and although it is only a few minutes per day it really does make a difference. When the next bell rings at 8.55 that is time for you to help your child tidy away their activity and to say goodbye with a quick kiss and a cuddle as they come to settle down together on the carpet.

PE arrangements

PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays so do please make sure that your child's PE kit is in school on those days. Most parents prefer to leave their child's PE bag on their coat pegs and take them home for washing every few weeks. Please do check that all kit and uniform is clearly labelled please. If you can just imagine how chaotic those first PE sessions can be. Getting up to 30 four and five year olds changed into their PE kit and back again without getting some of their clothes muddled with someone elses is a big ask, but if they are named we can quickly sort them out. Please make sure that any ear rings are removed on PE days too.

Toys in school

Children are often keen to bring in a toy from home and although we do discourage toys been bought in unless asked for as part of our learning we do plan in opportunities for children to engage in 'show and tell' sessions. In Red class these are on Mondays and if your child has a special toy or keep sake that they wish to talk about they are welcome to bring them to school. After 'show and tell' these belongings will be put safely into a special box until home time.

Any problems?

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to myself, Mrs Lloyd-Kitchen or Kate. Obviously mornings tend to be quite busy in the classroom so if you wish to talk about a private or sensitive issue we can chat more privately at the end of the day. However, privacy can be arranged for urgent matters at any time of the day.

Letters home

Please do check your child's book bag regularly for letters home. With the younger children you could find them hiding between several sheets of their artwork that they have crammed into their book bags, so do look carefully! From time to time your child will be given a home to school sheet which will outline the letter sounds and particular maths work we have been covering in school and will give further ideas for ways that you can support your child's learning at home.