Welcome to our school

Our class information

As with all of the classes you are welcome to come in with your child at 8.45 and help them with the morning job. This will be something like reading, writing their name on a white board, doing maths games and activities.....   and anything else we might think of! There might be time to talk to us if you need to, but if it is very busy, or what you have to say is confidential or sensitive then please ask us when would be the best time for a chat.

Another bell will go at 8.55 and that is the time for you to help to tidy away what you and your child have been doing, give them a kiss and settle them on the carpet ready to do the register, which has to be at the office promptly at 9 am.


PE days are Thursday and Friday.

Please make sure your child has shorts, T-shirt and pumps for PE, all in a bag that can hang on their peg. Please, please, please make sure that everything has their name clearly in it somewhere.


Everyone needs to bring a drink bottle containing water every day as it is really good for their brains to be drinking water frequently throughout the day.


They also need to have their book bag every day. That should contain their reading diary and a home reading book or two.

Please change the home reading book whenever you need to. Just come and ask us if you are not sure which colour band your child should be reading. Writing in the reading diary every time you hear your child read shows them just how much you value reading.


Please check your child's book bag regularly, probably every day, for notes, newsletters and any other information we have given your child. We do our very best to keep you informed about everything that is going on in school, so please read what we send home!