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Mr Peterson(a few years ago)

Thank you very much Bill for your lovely comments...you are absolutely right about the children though - they are amazing! It was our pleasure to show you around and discuss the wonderful work that is part of everyday school life here. We are looking forward with fingers crossed to receiving our phone call soon!

Bill Evans (Eco-Schools Green Flag Assessor - Volunteer)(a few years ago)

I visited your school on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 to carry out an assessment for your "Eco-Schools Green Flag" award. I was hosted by the Acting Head, plus the Eco-Schools Coordinator, plus a parent, a Learning Support Assistant, and the Chair of Governors. But, most importantly of all, I was shown around your school by five lovely children and members of the school's Eco-Committee. I was really impressed by what you have all achieved at Ludlow Infant & Nursery School. The children, in particular, are a real credit to the school, to the staff, and to their parents. I cannot divulge what my recommendation will be, but I hope Eco-Schools will have communicated my decision to you soon. It was a real pleasure to undertake today's assessment. Thank you for making time to be with me. Best wishes. Bill Evans (Eco-Schools Green Flag Assessor - Volunteer)

Mr Peterson(a few years ago)

Thank you Noel - we are glad it is proving useful for you.

Noel Lambert(a few years ago)

The new website is great! Really colourful and engaging with a real depth of useful information. It has already saved me bothering Mandy by ringing up with a simple question about nursery session times. Will be back at a later date to have closer a look at some of the other resources :)

Mr Peterson(a few years ago)

Thank you for those comments Andrew and Paul. It is fantastic to see the Governors making use of this site and thank you for all that you do to help make our school such a special place to learn and work.

Andrew Griffiths(a few years ago)

Great new web site with some really useful information. Good to see newsletters and a school calendar included...

Paul Kemp(a few years ago)

Just a note to say how proud I was of our pupils, at the recent Rememberance service in St Laurences. They showed great respect for where they were, and why they were there, and were a great credit to themselves, the adults in their lives, and their school. A great legacy for the people that were remembered in the service. Well done everyone!

Mr Peterson(a few years ago)

Thank you Sharon - we are all really pleased, but we are going to tinker with it until it is EVEN BETTER! :-)

Mr Peterson(a few years ago)

Thank you very much Dot - and all of the children LOVED the music workshop, so thank you very much again! I will make sure I pass on your comments in assembly and in the newsletter too. Mr Peterson, Acting Head

Dot Atkin(a few years ago)

I have just returned from spending a morning with Y2 children doing a music workshop. The children were fantastic - their behaviour was great and they all joined in with great enthusiasm. I wish all children were like this! They really are a credit to their school. I always enjoy visiting Ludlow Infants because everyone - staff and children - makes me feel so welcome and appreciates what I do there. I look forward to being there again soon.

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