Welcome to our school

Parents comments:


Here are some of the lovely comments we received at the end of the school year:


"We could not be happier that we will be part of this school for the next four years as William's sisters move up the school."


"Thank you for all the lovely things and opportunities Josh has had over the last 3 years".

"My husband and I have always felt our children are very well cared for at your school and they are always happy to come to school thanks to you and your staff".

"It's a great school giving every child such a good start in their education. It is such a friendly place and gives the children so many opportunities at such a young age. We are very lucky! Thank you again".

"Thank you to everyone at Ludlow Infant School for making our son's time at this school happy, enjoyable, friendly and a nice place to be. Thank you for making his learning fun and exciting. We will miss you all!"

"I almost want another baby so I can come back!" 

"My son has turned out to be a very pleasant young man. The confidence he has and the ability he has is down to you and the teachers never doubting him. Thank you"

"I can't think of a negative thing about your school. You should all be very proud. We think its amazing at the Infants!"

"The care of the staff, the systems in place and the general positivity in the school is just amazing and that only comes from incredible hard work."

"A special thank you to Mrs Nunn who nurtured a very nervous little boy and made him find his confidence; to Mrs Madden where he made such great progress and really thrived and now to the amazing Mrs Martin who has just made him love learning - we have to tell him off at night for sneaking maths work to bed".


"We feel truly blessed that our children are in such an incredible school; and the love and care that you have for each and every child permeates the whole school from Nursery upwards. You manage a very special school and our daughter has blossomed during her time with you. Thank you".

"Jack and I would just like to thank you for all you have done during his time at your wonderful school. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time here and speaks very highly of all your staff.  I have been delighted with Jack's progress and would highly recommend your school. Many thanks".

"This school is incredible my boys have had the best learning experience, best teaching, best care and I would recommend Ludlow Infant School to anyone. You are a brilliant head and have done amazing things....thank you so much for EVERYTHING!"

"Thank you for your support over the years. You have been a rock. You really are a "COOL Head Teacher" and I hope that when I have more children you'll be their head teacher too!"