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It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children attend school and to notify school as soon as possible of the reason for any absence. The Head teacher will authorise absences which are for a good reason. Any unexplained absences or absence which does not have a good reason will not be authorised.


The average attendance of schools in Shropshire is for 95% of possible half-day sessions and we want our attendance level to at least equal that. Last year (2012– 2013) it was 94% at this school. We had no unauthorised absences. Very many of these absences are due to children having holidays in school time.  It is vital that children attend school as often as they possibly can in order to make the best progress and so we ask parents to consider very carefully before booking holidays in term time.


Following a change in the law, it is now not possible for headteachers to authorise children being taken out of school during term time for a family holiday, except in very exceptional circumstances.  The school therefore cannot authorise holidays in term time.  Absences taken by Year 2 pupils during May and Year 1 pupils in the 2nd week of June will NOT be authorised by the Head teacher either. It can also be extremely unsettling for children to have time off in September as this is the time when children are getting to know their new class routines and friends.