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Accidents/incidents or Illness in School

If your child has an accident in school simple first aid will be applied by a qualified first aider. If s/he has a bump on the head during the day, we will contact you if the bump is considered serious and s/he will have a bump note to let you know what has happened.


If s/he needs hospital attention or if s/he becomes ill during the day we will try to contact you. For this reason we MUST have up to date contact numbers. Please make sure we always know where to contact you in case of emergency.


Although safety is our number one priority we cannot give a 100% guarantee that your child will not have an accident in school or be subject to an aggressive outburst by another child. Obviously such incidents are extremely rare and are not condoned.


At this stage, learning about right and wrong and how to control their own emotions and actions are central to children’s development. As an infant school we are mindful of this and our behaviour policy explains our response and sanctions to unacceptable aggression towards another child.