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We recognise the importance of E-Safety, to help teach the children in the school about keeping safe online, and we feel it is important that parents/carers and staff are aware of the issue also.  


Please feel free to use this page to help your child keep safe online.


A very useful resource is:




The section that is most relevant to your children is:



In Year Two, as part of their work on using the Internet to search safely and effectively to help them find out more about things that they are interested in learning about, the children use this 'thinkuknow' website, to teach them about E-Safety in a fun and interactive/fun way. 


However, there is also a very useful parents' section, at:



Also, the following sites have a wealth of important information on staying safe online, to help you, your child, and your whole family (including guides to the various Social Networking sites):







On these sites, there is information on CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) and how to educate young people on how to report issues that make them feel uncomfortable when online.


Please visit:      http://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/     to find out more.



Photo use on this site:

We have written permission for all of the images of children used on this site, and we also have a list of those children whose parents/carers DO NOT wish their child's image to be uploaded.  When staff upload and update this site, this list is referred to in every case.




E-Safety annual discussion:

Every year, each class has a list of 'E-Safety' ideas and tips (Acceptable Use Policy) read out and discussed with their teacher.  The teacher then signs this on behalf of the whole class. 


Staff also sign an amended version of the Acceptable Use Policy, reminding them, amongst other things, about sensible use of Social Media sites and the need to keep electronic data secure and private. 


The Governing Body also have an amended version of the Acceptable Use Policy.


Our E-safety Policy and ICT Acceptable Use Policy can be found on our Policies and Resources page