Welcome to our school

The Environment

  • There is a calm, caring, secure atmosphere where the worth of all children is celebrated and nurtured.
  • As a Safer School, priority is given to the safety and security of all who work in the school, of the building itself and of the school in the context of the wider community.
  • All areas of the school are well maintained, secure, attractive, welcoming and stimulating.
  • Resources and displays promote positive attitudes and challenge stereotypes.



We are fortunate that our school enjoys beautiful grounds which we use to promote learning, and we are grateful to the PTA who have funded and helped construct many of the developments we have been able to make. As part of our work on citizenship and within class and school councils we enable children to learn about care for the environment. This includes looking after our own garden and the children are involved in projects annually to maintain and improve the school grounds. The children are also involved in recycling and each class has its own recycling bin for waste paper. We take part in the government’s School Fruit Scheme and all the fruit waste is composted on the school site.


The school has achieved Safer School status which means that we have a Safer School Group composed of people who have an interest in school life – parents, neighbours, police, governors, community-use groups and staff who meet termly to address security issues. This group has helped school address safety on the school site and security of the site. You can help us maintain safety and security for your children by observing these simple procedures.

  • Always bring your child to school on time.
  • Use the pathways marked in the car park at all times.
  • If you need to come into school during the day ALWAYS report to the office before you go to the classroom. We have a signing in and badge system in school. You will be challenged if you are walking about school without permission during the day.
  • Always be there to meet your child at the end of school at the arranged place. If you have been delayed ring and we will keep the child safe until you arrive.
  • If someone different is meeting your child, please make sure we know who it is and that the child and the teacher knows too.
  • Wait outside until the bell goes. We are sorry that there is not room for everyone towait in school at the end of the day and we need to be aware of who is in the school building at all times during the school day. Covered areas are available for waiting.






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