Welcome to our school

Gardening/Eco School Club (Monday)



                  Great growing gardens

           Recycle our rubbish

          Owning our environment

          We use water wisely


         Watching out for waste

         Energy saving every day

         Leave litter in the bin

         Learning to look after our

          world  together


It is Fairtrade Fortnight 26.2.18 - 9.3.18. We had an assembly to talk about Fairtrade. On Thursday Breakfast Club will be having their 'Fairtrade' breakfast . 

Gardening Club tidied the reception garden and put spring plants into the tubs.

It is time for the 'Big School Bird Watch' again! Remember to feed the birds during cold weather and make sure that they have water to drink. Eco club made fat balls and hung them in the trees. We made sure that all the feeders were topped up and made posters to remind everyone to feed the birds!

Well done everyone for making super party hats using newspaper and old Christmas cards!

We are taking part in 'Switch-Off Fortnight'. We counted the lights left on around school.We need to save energy!!

Collecting leaves - many hands makes light work!

         Look at all this fruit waste!

 We will have lots of compost to use on the school garden.

Below is our evaluated Action Plan to show Eco-School initiatives and activities from September 2017 - July 2018.