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Our Vision statement:

Every child is unique and deserves the very best education, irrespective of their ability or background. It is our aim to work as a team to provide an education which inspires children's imagination and gives them the resilience to work hard and achieve despite set backs along life's journey.


At the end of each school year we can look back and see those children who have succeeded and will continue to grow and mature and also see those who are just beginning to shine, confident in the knowledge that we have made a difference.


The following account paints a portrait of child's journey through all the stages of our school. With this child in mind we can all understand what we are aiming for and how everyone along the journey has a very important part to play.



Beth's Journey

(Thank you to everyone who helped to paint this portrait of a child in our school which reflects our values and aims for all the children in our care. Thank you to the parents, teachers and children who gave their permission to use their actual words.)


News writing Y2:


At the weekend Mummy had to go into hospital to have our new baby. It’s a girl! and her name is Beth. I am so excited about being a big brother because I will be able to help look after her and show her how to do things. I can’t wait until Friday when I am celebrated in assembly because I will stand at the front with Mummy and Daddy and baby Beth and the whole school will sing the special lullaby and we will have a card.


Twitter (3 years later):



My little girl was brave although I could see she was very nervous and didn’t want me to leave her.


End of Nursery report:


Beth’s confidence has grown immensely over the last term. She has formed some lovely friendships and is very creative in her play. Thank you for being such a kind and caring member of Square group. Good luck in big school I will miss you.


Facebook post:


*Feeling excited*

So pleased Beth has a place at Ludlow Infant and Nursery School! My other two have been so happy and well looked after there. Great to be part of the school community. Who do I see about joining the PTA?


 Reception Keynotes:


“I’m having the best day ever!" "This is easy I can do it now.” “I can count in 10s shall I show you?” “Alfie, do you want to dance with me? You know I need a partner." " I've got really strong legs because I can pedal all round the playground" 


Celebration Certificate:


Headteacher award presented to Beth Thompson for always doing her very best and becoming more independent.


Year 1 recount:


Yesterday was Seaside day.  I was scared of the big donkeys but the lady helped me stroke it. Then I wasn’t scared and I had my first donkey ride. It was brilliant!


Parent’s thank you card end of Y1


Dearest Mrs Madden

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and care you have shown to Beth this year.

As you know, we have three happy confident and clever children. Beth’s love for school far surpasses that of her brother and sister and I think you should congratulate yourself for that. Her reading is wonderful, her confidence has grown and she feels loved and accepted in your class.

Thank you for being so wonderful at your job.


Year 2 end of year report:


Beth is a balanced and sensitive pupil with the ability to lead and inspire others. She is a play maker and brings momentum to all classroom activities with her sunny disposition and energetic approach. She is keen to be involved in school activities and was chosen as one of the key readers in the Christmas play and had the main part in the recent leaver’s assembly.

She looks out for others and is never unkind or selfish in her dealings with classmates and has been a reliable member of the Friendship Squad. She displays an attitude that is fair and compassionate. She is popular and enjoys the company of others.

Her attitude to her learning is admirable and her output and presentation is pleasing. She has told me she has loved all her learning in class this year. She maintains a high standard of application across the curriculum and has a wide range of talents. Beth is lucky to have all the components to achieve high academic standards, good personal relationships and a sound work ethic to help this happen. She learns from her mistakes and reflects on how to improve in the future.

The manner in which Beth conducts herself is a lesson to many. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be her teacher. She deserves her success as she always does her best.

Good luck Beth, the world is your oyster!