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English - emphasis on teaching phonics, learning poetry from Y1, specific spellings, joined handwriting at Y2 and checking own writing for mistakes.


Mathematics - heavy number focus especially on knowing number bonds and place value, emphasis on using apparatus to calculate and solve problems, using drawn models to show thinking and having a sound knowledge of 2x, 5x and 10x tables.


Science - some content removed or reduced e.g. Physic topics like electricity need no longer be taught but at Ludlow we will continue to teach a challenging science curriculum Involving children in scientific enquiry so they question, observe, test, identify, classify, suggest answers, gather information and record findings as before and evolve new changes such as naming of plants and animals and their key groups, seasonal change, simple food chains and some early work on forces within our existing framework.


Computing - more focus on control and programming e.g. using algorithms (instruction sequences), reasoning and problem solving to identify flaws in instructions and suggesting ways to correct these, E- safety, applying IT across the curriculum to access and communicate learning in other areas.


Geography - location knowledge e.g. World seas/oceans, continents, Place knowledge e.g. How places are similar or different, Human and Physical geography e.g. weather and knowing features such as cliffs, lakes, towns for example and skills such as reading a simple map.


History - learning about changes to people and places within living memory, significant events beyond living memory, lives of people who are remembered for important achievement and finding out about significant local historical events, people and places.


In Art, Design & Technology(except for adding cooking), Music, and PE there are no obvious changes.


Our school aims to deliver the legal requirements for the National Curriculum  in an imaginative, creative and exciting way, for both children and staff.


Should you wish to know more about Ludlow Infant School's curriculum please contact the school.


Details of planning for each term can be found in each class folder.


Reading Information:


We provide a wide variety of reading material for our children. Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and Pearson Phonics are the main reading schemes used throughout the school.


Parents are encouraged to choose reading books from the appropriate colour banded sections.


Each child is given a reading diary which provides details of how parents can support their child at home. These are filled in by school and home on a daily basis. All children are heard read at least 4 times each week. At the end of each term the class teacher writes a report on the child's reading progress over the term. There is also room for the parents to make a comment.


Reading diaries are monitored termly by the Headteacher who contacts any parents who have not supported their child.



It is very important that sounds are said correctly, follow this link to hear how to pronounce each phoneme: Phoneme articulation


From Nursery onwards, the Letters and Sounds programme and phases are used. "Letterland" is used in some cases to support children who have experienced difficulty in remembering the phase 4 and 5 phonemes as the stories provide an excellent support to help remember the phonic rules.


Social, Moral, Spiritual and cultural education (SMSC)

This is very strong feature of our school. The LANE (Learning about new experiences) has a photograph gallery showing the events of the school over the year. The Governors and staff have looked carefully and identified where examples of SMSC are shown.




 Religious Education:

The school follows the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus for RE.