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Premises, Health and Safety Committee


 The Committee members are -

Helen Baillie (Committee Chair)

Ben Whitmarsh

Nerys Meyer (Deputy Head)

Sam Walmsley

Janet Thomas


Premises, Health and Safety Committee Impact Statement 


We have three major committees, namely Premises Health and Safety, Standards and Curriculum and Finance. Each governor is a member of two of these committees and we all meet at the Full Board. This is when all information and topics are shared and discussed.  The Headteacher is on all of these committees.


In the following paragraphs we aim to give you an idea of some of our work so that you can see how the governors carry out their job of supporting the school by working closely with staff and children.   You can also see how the governors fulfil their responsibility to provide constructive challenge as well as support.


The Premises, Health and Safety Committee reaches far and wide – they monitor the whole school site for both safety and security and how it is best and most safely used by the people (small and large) in it.  Some of the committee’s work is outlined below:


  • The impact of the CCTV is that pupils know that if there is a problem outside the staff can look back and see exactly what happened whether for safety or security reasons. This has made the school more secure both during school hours or out of hours. It helps teachers and other staff determine how incidents in the school during the day have happened has reduced the amount of time staff have spent trying to get to the bottom of an incident. Incidents of bullying are very rare as incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively. 


  • The annual Fire Safety Audit was completed and improvements made. The impact of the audits for health and safety and fire is that the governing body is confident that this area of safeguarding is compliant with regulations and the children are as safe as possible.


  • Grounds Maintenance – in discussion with the Headteacher a new contractor was employed and the impact was an immediate improvement in the care, uses and appearance of the grounds. A further impact was improved value for money.


  • The committee constantly reviews all aspects of safety and security for the children, including access to different parts of the building during the day. As a direct result of the current review the Reception door is now locked and improvements made to the main school gate, the impact is increased safety for the children.


  • Practical issues of the building are regularly reviewed and solutions found, for example the original windows were draughty and as a result the temperature in school was cold; working in close cooperation with the Head and the local authority funds were applied for and a programme of replacement windows implemented. The impact has been a much improved environment for all staff and pupils, heat is not lost and a steady temperature can be maintained.  The impact is a greatly improved learning environment.


  • A second practical issue affecting the younger children has been the quality of their taps. These have now been replaced with immediate impact:  the new taps in nursery enable the children to wash their hands independently so hygiene has been improved. Once the taps have been installed in the reception toilets we should see an improvement in attendance due to better hygiene.


  • The committee completes a regular review of playground safety and the log book that is kept of any injuries. The impact of reviewing the accident log is that patterns in accidents can be identified and actions put in place to reduce or prevent such accidents. As it is, no patterns have been identified. Policy compliance regarding bumped heads notes is often reviewed.


  • This committee also ensures that many policies are updated and/or introduced. For example all schools are now required to have a policy covering Medical Conditions, this committee has been able to approve this policy before it being ratified in the Full Board meeting last March. The impact of this is that the school is fully compliant.


  • Regular meeting time is also dedicated to discussion and review of Behaviour, ensuring best practice. The impact of this is that the Headteacher is supported by the governors; in discussion complex issues can be shared and considered from different angles.  The impact is that the school experiences strong and thoughtful leadership. 


  • This committee is responsible for overseeing the ICT policy; computers and their use are a vital part of the children’s learning experience so the impact of the policy is part of the everyday experience for all our children who learn from their teachers how to use iPads and computers as part of their learning.


You will see that more than one committee will discuss a topic such as Behaviour, ICT or Safety but each committee will consider the topic from their specialist perspective; in Full Board meetings these issues and perspectives are shared so the impact is that the whole governing body is consistent in its understanding of school matters.