Welcome to our school


Executive Headteacher

Mrs Kate Mather

WEF 25/02/2019

Deputy Head

Mrs Nerys Meyer

EYFS, ICT, CPD, Designated Lead Teacher for Child Protection Issues


Mrs Rachael Martin



Mrs Jo Davies

Maths and History


Mrs Hen Lloyd-Kitchen

Art, D&T and PHSE, Designated Lead Teacher for Child Protection Issues


Mrs Debbie Jones

Geography and outside environment


Miss Jessica Potter



Miss Angeline Greaney

Nursery Manager


Ms Sue Fairbrace



Support Staff:

Office Manager

Mrs A Lloyd

Administrative Assistant

Mrs J Elder



Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Weston and Mrs S Granger (Year 2)


Mrs W Shen and Mrs M Siwicki (Year 1)


Mrs J Lucas and Mrs W Davies (Reception)




Mrs A Gill



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs E Wright, Mrs V Minton, Miss H Baillie, Mrs N Sampson, Mr J Granger



Special Support Assistants

Mrs J Morgan, Mrs S Badham, Ms S Partridge



Nursery Key Persons

Ms A Greaney, Mrs L Duppa, Mrs S Shinton, Miss K Symonds, Miss K Williams, Mrs J Farmer



Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr P Elliott

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs B Spear, Mrs S Jones, Mr J Granger, Mrs J Blount


Mrs J Lucas, Ms S Partridge, Mrs V Minton


Mrs E Wright, Mrs T Sheldon, Mrs L Gould


Cleaning Staff:


Miss S Barker

Cleaning Assistants

Mrs B Spear, Mrs T Sheldon, Mrs L Gould


Kitchen Staff:

School Cook

Mrs K Genner

Kitchen Assistants

Ms L Mold, Mrs C Saunders, Mrs J Richards